Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge & Satwa Sumatra Elephant Ecolodge


Indonesia is well known as a birder’s destination and ecologically this vast archipelago is divided into two distinct ecological zones based on the initial work of Albert Russel Wallace (1823 - 1913). The Wallace line was drawn between the island of Bali and Lombok and northwards to the west of the island of Sulawesi and stretching to the all the islands north of Australia to Papua. In West Indonesia, the ecology is Asian and in East Indonesia more Australasian ( Ecolodges Indonesia has ecolodges in both areas with good, internationally recognised local bird guides (see our website We can offer a unique bird tour using our guides, which will also show you other key wildlife species and local culture.


We can take groups of any size up to a maximum of 10 persons. We have birds at all our lodges, but our best bird lodges are Satwa Sumatra in the west and Mbeliling Mountain in the east. Your itinerary can be adjusted according to your specific wishes to include more lodges. This tour includes our two main bird lodges.


Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge & Satwa Sumatra Elephant Ecolodge

12 days – 11 nights


Tour Director

Your Tour Director is Gede Ori, who is the CEO of Ecosafari Indonesia and has directed tours in collaboration with local and international agents (eg Steppes Discovery of UK). Gede will meet all tours and accompany you to your first destination lodge.

Suggested Itinerary assuming arrive in Bali

Day 1 - Bali

On arrival in Bali, you will be met by a senior member of the company and taken for an overnight stay at our partner hotel near the airport. You will be briefed by the Tour Director at the welcome dinner.

Day 2 - Satwa Sumatra Ecolodge

An early start to the airport for Jakarta and on the Bandar Lampung where you will be picked up by your guide Heriono for the two hour trip to the lodge on the edge off Way Kambas National Park check in and dinner. For this part of the trip you will also have Gede Ori to accompany you; your program will be discussed over dinner.

Day 3 - 4,National Park Way Kambas

Birds in the park and its environs Most bird groups see around 130 – 150 bird species in this park over 3 – 4 days. Heriono knows the park intimately and will guide you on many walks including at night over this period.

Day 6 - Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge

Another early start to the airport of Bandar Lampung to catch flight to Pangkalan Bun via Jakarta. Met by your guide Sam Rabenak at the airport and taken to the Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge for check in by our manager Maria Surni and lunch. Sam will also discuss your tour especially the bird species you wish to see. The Mbeliling Protected Area has all four of the Flores endemics (Flores Monarch, Flores Crow, Flores Scops Owl and the Hanging Parrot. Over a 3 – 4 day period, you should many other species – on average around 70.

Days 7 – 9, - Bird walks and the Caci dance

You will go with Sam on the many bird walks in the area include around the lodge, higher up the mountain, Lake Sano on the other side of the mountain and two other local areas Melo and Puar Lolo. Some night walks will be included in your program, which will be very flexible and inputs from you will be very welcome.

Day 10 – 11 , - Komodo Island

The last full day in Flores will be an early departure from the lodge to the harbour where you will catch a boat to Komodo Island to see some dryland habitat birds, view Komodo dragons and do some snorkelling in one of the best coral areas of the world. You will overnight on the boat and do some early morning birding, then back to Labuan Bajo for the as overnight at the Mbeliling Ecolodge.

Day 12 - Return to Bali or to other destination


Possible add on or separate Bird tours

A three-day tour in the West Bali National Park and mountain regions of Bali with Heri Kusuma Negara Bird lists of around 60 – 70 species have been recorded including the Bali Starling.

A four-day tour in the Tandjung Putting National Park with Ucok Hakim to show you lowland forest bird species of Borneo. Also, you should see at least five of the possible eight species off primate (including the orangutan), many reptiles and some small mammals.


Contact our reservations team to book this Birds on both sides of the wallace line. Just fill out this form to ask any questions you may have.