Indonesia Wildlife and Cultural Safari


Indonesia is a very culturally diverse country and on this tour you will experience three widely different cultures, Hindu, Christian and Islamic where you will meet the friendly people of Indonesia in widely different circumstances. You will see the dry tropics with the Giant Lizards (commonly known as Komodo Dragons only present in this small group of islands) and experience fabulous reefs with corals, sponges and fish of great biodiversity.

An experience you won't forget!

Experience the wet tropics with its rain forests unique and endangered primates (Orangutans, Proboscis Monkeys, Siomang Gibbons, other Primates, Elephants, and possibly a Rhino and the smell of the Tiger). The Rimba experience has been described as “the best wild orangutan experience in the world”; viewing any of the Alpha males at each centre is an unforgettable experience. The Satwa experience shows our best birding lodge and combines with rides on Elephants in the forest, river trips with primates, wild Elephants, deer and many birds and possibly a smell of the Tiger during a hike to Kalibiru. The Komodo experience shows the world’s largest lizard coupled with a magnificent area of islands and reefs for diving or snorkeling. The final Bali experience enables you to rest and relax and see aspects of this unique Hindu culture. Each lodge has its own unique birds and if you are keen on birds, you should see over 100 species on this diverse trip. The Satwa Lodge is our best birding lodge.

No matter what your adventurous spirit; we’re committed to providing you with a lifelong memory. You can select from our range of prepackaged inter-lodge tours or create your own adventure of a life time; Ecolodges Indonesia has that something special for every intrepid traveler. This tour takes you to three distinct cultural areas, namely Bali, a Hindu island; Flores which is predominantly Catholic and Kalimantan (Borneo) and Sumatra areas predominantly Moslem. There are some long travel days which may concern you; our opinion is that traveling in Indonesia is part of the fun; you will feel welcomed into the family of this vast and diverse country, meet people as Indonesians love to talk to you and see many sights you would not often see.

Ecolodges Indonesia is a conservation company, mandated in our Mission statement to “empower local people so that they use eco tourism as a basis for their sustainable jobs and thus form a conservation stakeholder in the areas where they are living at the edge of national parks.


 DAY 1 

Arrival at Ngurah Rai International airport in Bali, you are picked up by one of our senior staff who will transport you to The Udayana Kingfisher Eco Lodge, Bali – welcome and briefing of the tour. Depending on arrival time birders will be offered a bird walk either in the gardens and valleys surrounding the Lodge or at the Nusa Dua Settling Ponds.

 DAY 2 

After a relaxing breakfast, you will leave for the flight to Labuan Bajo and our Eco Lodge arriving for lunch followed by a siesta. At around 1500 you will proceed on a snorkeling visit to Bidadari island only 35 – 40 minutes by Lodge boat for snorkeling and testing your equipment for use over the next two days.

 DAY 3 

After an early breakfast, you will proceed to the harbor for your boat to Komodo Island, the main and most beautiful island of the Komodo group of islands. We purposely choose a slow boat as it is very relaxing to move slowly through the Sea of Flores, past many islands and the large island of Rinca on your left arriving at around 09:30 (depending on currents) passing the famous Pink Beach on your way. On the boat will be plenty of tea, coffee and water. You will be briefed by a Park Ranger and immediately proceed on a walk to look for Komodos, other animals and you should also see a number of bird species. Then you have lunch back on the boat and proceed for snorkeling on the Pink Beach. This is a fabulous place and is world renowned for its biodiversity of corrals; however the current can be strong and you must take local advice where to swim; then back in the late after noon to Labuan Bajo and dinner at the Lodge.

 DAY 4 

On this day, you can have a choice of either an inland mountain tour in the direction of Ruteng to view the scenery, birding and a weaving community or a diving/snorkeling tour on the very bio diverse coral reef systems on islands around The Komodo National Park. Both tours show some of the best facets of this area. You should discuss which option you wish to do with your Tour Manager prior to your arrival in Indonesia.

 DAY 5 

After breakfast, you will take the early flight to Bali, then via Java on to Pangkalan Bun in Borneo arriving in the afternoon. After meeting your guide, you will be transported to Kumai to your klotok (river boat) to start the magic trip up The Sekonyer river to The Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge. On the way (if the weather is clear) you will see many fireflies and after two hours see the welcome lights of The Rimba on your left side. You will be welcomed by our Manager for dinner. This route can be changed due to airline schedules. During the day, you will have proceeded from east of the Wallace line to west of it across many islands in the archipelago. The ecology changes dramatically from the dry to the wet tropics.

 DAY 6 

For Birders, a pre breakfast Bird walk on the lodge bird walk is suggested. Then after a leisurely breakfast, take your river boat to famous Camp Leakey to view Orangutans in their natural habitat; other primates seen will be Proboscis Monkeys, Gibbons and Long Tailed Macaques, Short Tailed Macaques, Silverbacked Langurs and hopefully you will see many birds, crocodiles and monitors. Camp Leakey (named after the famous Oxford based scientist Louis Leakey), one of the homes of Professor Birute Galdikas (an investor of Ecolodgesindonesia). Camp Leakey is allegedly the longest biological, documented scientific experiment on the globe. Galdikas is one of Leakey’s golden angels, the others being Dianne Fossey (Gorilla scientist – deceased) and Jane Goodall (chimpanzee scientist). If you are lucky, you may meet Birute. On the way home, if the evening is clear, you should have a great sunset with the Proboscis Monkeys.

 DAY 7 

For Birders, again, early morning bird walk, breakfast and then a visit to Tanggui (a second Orangutan release centre) in an area famous for Butterflies. After the viewing, you will proceed on a hike around the area suitable for those interested in birds, butterflies and trees. This is an opportunity to study the area in a relaxed fashion. You will have lunch back at the lodge and then, after a short siesta, proceed to Tandjung Harapan (the third release centre) for the afternoon viewing. This centre is opposite a village where persons were resettled out of the park. If you wish you can visit the village and talk to some villagers. You will then return to the Lodge for a short rest and then proceed for an evening dinner on the river with the “fireflies”. The latter is an amazing experience.

 DAY 8 

After an early breakfast the Lodge, you will proceed down river to Kumai and then on to the airport to catch your plane to Jakarta, and Lampung in Sumatra. You will be met by one of our senior staff for the drive to The Satwa Sumatra Elephant Eco Lodge where you will have a briefing on this part of your tour followed by dinner. This is a long travel day through many different cultures and islands on the Indonesian archipelago.

 DAY 9 

On most days, you wake to the haunting call of The Siomang Gibbons in the nearby park. After breakfast, you will proceed into the park by vehicle and for a walk with the Siomang Gibbons with the aim of seeing these wonderful primates. Also you should see a variety of birds and deer. Back to the Lodge for lunch and into the Park again to Way Kanan for a river boat trip and a short hike in Tiger habitat, an exciting experience. On the river you should see many birds, primates and may see deer and wild elephants. Sun Bears have also been sighted. Back to the Lodge for dinner and for enthusiasts, a night bird walk with Heriyono (our resident bird guide).

 DAY 10 

After a leisurely breakfast you will proceed to the Elephant Training Centre where you will meet your mahout for a ride on an elephant in the park. You should take some sugar cane from Satwa (grown in the gardens) for your elephant. This is a terrific experience. After this on to the Bambangan reforestation centre for a picnic lunch, then short hike into the park to the reforestation area where you will have an opportunity to plant a tree, ask questions of Park staff re the dangers of fire and see the forest. During this walk on another river you may see evidence of Elephant and possible see the endemic white winged wood duck. Back to the Lodge for dinner.

 DAY 11 

After breakfast to Lampung to catch your flights back to Bali via Jakarta. You will have lunch at Jakarta airport. In Bali, you will be met by our drivers and taken back to Udayana Kingfisher Eco Lodge for a relaxing dinner and a night swim in the pool.

 DAY 12 

After breakfast there will be an opportunity for shopping or a rest. For those desiring to proceed on The Settling Pond Bird and Uluwatu Kecak dance tours, these will be organized. Vehicles will be supplied also to take you to Nusa Dua, Kuta and Kerobakan shopping areas if you wish.

 DAY 13 

This a full day tour of parts of Bali including Kintamani and the volcanic crater area of Mt Batur, visits to temples, the art town of Ubud and viewing the famous rice terraces of Bali. This should introduce you to this rich Hindu culture and give some understanding of the importance of Bali in the Indonesian archipelago.

 DAY 14 

After breakfast you will be briefed to proceed to other destinations or home. We will assist all onward bookings and airport transport.

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