Satwa Elephants Ecolodge

Satwa Elephants Ecolodge is
set in a lush tropical garden

Satwa Sumatra Birding Guesthouse is set in a lush tropical garden just 500 metres from the entrance of Way Kambas National Park, where the endangered and rare Sumatran elephant, rhino and tiger are protected. While tigers are only spotted on occasion, the elephant, rhino, gibbons, macaques and over 300 recorded bird species, including the endemic white winged duck, can be seen along the river from a park boat. Walking, cycling, or Elephant safaris are available, with trained local guides and mahouts available for hire. Conservation projects associated with the Ecolodges make regular contributions to protecting the wildlife of Way Kambas National Park.

Way Kambas is a large national park in Satwa Indonesia, covering 130,000 hectares. It consists of swamp forest and lowland rain forest, becoming a reserve in 1972 It has long been known for being home to a significant population of Sumatran elephants, some Sumatran tigers, Sun bears, and Malaysian tapirs, and numerous bird species. In the 1990s, it was revealed that the park was also home to a little-known or seen population of around 40 Sumatran rhinos – one of only three surviving populations in Indonesia.

Ecolodges Indonesia aims to help Way Kambas National Park protect the endangered Sumatran Elephant and the rare Sumatran Rhino and Tiger. Conservation projects associated with the Ecolodges make regular contributions to protecting the wildlife.

Satwa Birding Guesthouse is only a short walk of 500 metres from the Park entrance, adjoining a pleasant rural village. Employment and locally purchased goods by the Ecolodge significantly help the village and give the local people employment.

Set in an extensive walled garden full of tropical fruit trees there are four cottages each with spacious rooms sleeping up to four people with spring beds, ceiling fans, hot water showers and western toilets. There is a desk and computer power point and a verandah and comfortable chairs. All guest cottages, facilities, some perimeter lighting and the office are powered by renewable solar energy. The windows are fully screened. In a delightful open restaurant , meals give a taste of Indonesian recipes and ingredients, with a full western breakfast to start the day, or a picnic box.

The Satwa Birding Guesthouse is dedicated to educating and empowering local communities in long term conservation and sustainable development.

Below are some camera trap video at Way Kambas National Park from Dr Marcelus Adi

Dr Marcelus Adi, a former Director of Ecolodges Indonesia, is a renowned Veterinary Scientist who has dedicated his life to the protection of The Sumatran and Javan Rhino


Satwa Lodge Rooms

The Satwa Birding Guesthouse, a Lampung Province on the island of Sumatra, is a short walk through the local village in Way Kanan Regency, to the entrance of the Way Kambas National Park. The Lodge is set in a tranquil Asian environment with lush walled gardens full of tropical fruit trees.

You will really feel you are in the heart of Asia !

There are four cottages, each having two spacious rooms and sleeping up to four people with ceiling fans, hot water showers, western toilets and a verandah with comfortable chairs. The rooms also provide a desk and computer power point and the windows are fully screened.. All guest cottages, facilities, some perimeter lighting and office are powered by renewable solar energy. In the delightful open restaurant, experience a taste of Indonesia with fresh ingredients from the garden and local village. A full western breakfast starts the day, and picnic boxes are available.

With a cold beer in hand as owls “poink” to each other at dusk, guests can recount their adventures.

We provide clean, comfortable accommodation extremely suitable to the environment in which it is located;

  • 8 Double Rooms with attached bathrooms
  • Fully screened
  • Western style toiletsv
  • Hot water showers
  • Ceiling fans powered by Solar Energy
  • Simple Bar, beer and soft drinks
  • Open restaurant
  • Computer facilities
  • Email
  • Friendly staff



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