Rimba 3 Days / 2 Nights Tour


Get immersed in the sheer beauty of Tanjung Puting National Park with its nipah palm vegetation and slow development of the lowland forest on both sides off the river.


 DAY 1  - Pangkalan Bun – Kumai – Rimba eco Lodge

You will be met by your guide at Pangkalan Bun, transfered by car to the National Park Headquarters in the port of Kumai and taken onward by “klotok” or traditional riverboat for a leisurely boat ride up the Sekonyer River.

Get immersed in the sheer beauty of Tanjung Puting National Park with its nipah palm vegetation and slow development of the lowland forest on both sides off the river. Watch out for proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) roosting in trees, maybe find some wild orangutans’ nest at the top of trees, enjoy the serenity of the Sekonyer river and admire the magical spectacle of Fireflies in Nipah palms or the reflecting moon on the river. Depending on your arrival time, you may proceed direct to the Tandjung Harapan feeding station or if it is evening.

Fireflies, also called lightning bugs or glowworms are in fact luminescent winged beetles that use a combination of oxygen and a chemical called luciferin to produce intermittent light.

Check in at the Rimba Lodge and enjoy Dinner.

 DAY 2  - Rimba – Pesalat – Camp Leakey

Keen birders will definitely wake up early and follow Rimba lodge boardwalk to the Lookout through deep forest. Discover endemic birds and possibly wild orangutans. Return to the lodge and enjoy an early breakfast. Then, board our riverboat and travel 45 minutes to Pesalat Reforestation Center.

This forest regeneration area offers a nice easy walk through peat swamp and dry land, nice birding, a medicinal plant area and it allows you to select saplings such as Ironwood and plant them. Talk to the local ranger and learn about the different stages necessary to grow ironwood. Clouded Leopard and Sun bears have occasionally been spotted in this area.

At 11:30AM return to your boat and travel the Sekonyer River to Camp Leakey. Lunch is served onboard our boat. Camp Leakey is a landmark research and rehabilitation center established in 1971 by renowned primatologist, Dr. Birute Galdikas and her former husband Rod Brindamour.

Observe Orangutans in the wild and discover their vulnerability. Camp Leakey also offers a wonderful Information Center with a strong educational purpose.

Please follow recommendations and do not touch or disturb orangutans(humans transmit diseases), do not eat or drink in front of them, keep the area pristine.

Camp Leakey is funded by donations to The Orangutan Foundation International presided by Professor Dr Birute Galdikas.

Return to the lodge, watch Proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) roost in trees and enjoy dinner. To complete the day, your Guide will show you an after dinner movie on Orangutans.

 DAY 3  - Rimba – Kumai – Pangkalan Bun

Enjoy breakfast at Rimba lodge before boarding our “klotok”. Take a leisurely boat ride before returning to Pankanlang Bun airport through the port city of Kumai. Revive all your senses and let them retain the magic of Tanjung Puting National Park.

Listen to the sounds of Kumai all day loudspeakers emanating from tall buildings where swift nests are being commercially harvested.

The swift saliva is used for bird’s nest soup and can reach 13 millions Rupiah and up per Kg. Indonesia is the biggest supplier and the trade has led certain swift colonies to be critically threatened.


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