Rimba 4 Days / 3 Nights Tour


Get immersed in the sheer beauty of Tanjung Puting National Park with its nipah palm vegetation, proboscis monkeys, long tail macaques and more.


 DAY 1  - Pangkalan Bun – Kumai – Rimba eco Lodge

You will meet your guide at Pangkalan Bun Airport, then transfer by car to the National Park Headquarters in the port of Kumai and jump on board your “klotok” or traditional riverboat for a leisurely boat ride on the Sekonyer River. Get immersed in the sheer beauty of Tanjung Puting National Park with its nipah palm vegetation, proboscis monkeys, long tail macaques and more.

Depending on time, check in at the lodge or proceed directly to Tanjung Harapan Feeding Station where you will experience your first encounter with endangered Orangutans. Located only 10 minutes away from the lodge, it was built in the late 70’s and was the original site of the Sekonyer Village. It is now used as a Park Management facility and as a release and rehabilitation center. Arrive at 15:00 to the feeding platform, sit and simply enjoy the majestic primates, hopefully meet the alpha male, and witness orangutans’ behavior in a wild environment.

You might decide to visit the Sekonyer Village across the river and get an insight of the villagers’ daily life. Return to the lodge, freshen up and enjoy dinner and an after dinner movie on orangutans; then on to the lodge.

 DAY 2  - Rimba – Pesalat – Camp Leakey

If you wake up early, follow the boardwalk from the Rimba lodge to the Lookout through deep forest. Discover endemic birds and possibly wild orangutans. Return to the lodge and enjoy breakfast. Then, board your river boat and travel 15 minutes to the Pesalat Reforestation Center. This forest regeneration area offers a nice easy walk through peat swamp and dry land, nice birding, a medicinal plant area and it allows you to select saplings such as Ironwood and plant them. Talk to the local ranger and learn about the different stages necessary to grow ironwood. Clouded Leopard and Sun bears have occasionally been spotted in this area.

At 11:30 return to your boat and travel the Sekonyer River to Camp Leakey. Lunch is served on board. Camp Leakey is a landmark research and rehabilitation center established in 1971 by renowned primatologist, Dr Birute Galdikas and her former husband Rod Brindamour. Observe Orangutans in the wild and discover their vulnerability. Camp Leakey also offers an informed information center with a strong educational purpose.

Please follow recommendations and do not touch or disturb orangutans(humans transmit diseases), do not eat or drink in front of them, keep the area pristine.

Return to the lodge, and en route watch for proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) roosting in trees on the river’s edge and enjoy your dinner.  To complete the day, your Guide will show you an after dinner DVD on Orangutans.

 DAY 3  - Rimba – Pondok Tangui – Sekonyer Village- Dinner with Fireflies

If you are a keen birder, you might repeat your early walk to the lodge Lookout, follow the boardwalk and watch for birds or wild orangutans.

After breakfast, travel the Sekonyer River for an hour and reach Pondok Tangui, a newly established Rehabilitation Center. Walk through deep forest to the feeding station and observe orangutans’ behavior in the wild. At around 9:00AM, rangers supplement the primates’ diet with coconut milk and bananas. Query your guide and learn more about the alpha male and the other members. On your way back to the boat, look for giant squirrels, wild pigs and glorious butterflies. From the dock area, you have the option to proceed on a 2 Km walk to see a Palm Oil plantation.
Let our traditional riverboat take you back to the lodge for Lunch and have a rest. Read a book from our library or take a nap.

Visit the Sekonyer Village opposite Tanjug Harapan. The village was relocated from the national park side to the present site and is government funded. Walk around and get an insight of the villagers’ daily life.

Return to the lodge, freshen up and get ready for a Fireflies Dinner Cruise aboard our “klotok”. Fireflies, also called lightning bugs or glowworms are in fact luminescent winged beetles that use a combination of oxygen and a chemical called luciferin to produce intermittent light.

Watch Proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) roost in trees, find some wild orangutans’ nest at the top of trees, enjoy the serenity of the Sekonyer river and admire the magical spectacle of Fireflies in Nipah palms or the reflecting moon on the river.

 DAY 4  - Rimba – Kumai – Airport

Enjoy breakfast at Rimba lodge before boarding our “klotok”. Take a leisurely boat ride before returning to Pankalang Bun airport through the port city of Kumai. Revive all your senses and let them retain the magic of Tanjung Puting National Park.


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