Satwa 4 Days / 3 Nights Tour


This is a magic day with so many different experiences.


 DAY 1  - Birding, Siomang Gibbons, Elephant Safari, and River Trip

Depend on your arrival time – Take a walk with Harry (our experienced bird guide) and also see the village activities or cycle with one of the Park Rangers to see and hear the haunting calls of the Siomang Gibbons – returning to the Lodge for a well earned breakfast. After breakfast, you will proceed to The Way Kambas Elephant Training Centre where you will be assigned a mahout and an Elephant. Remember to take some sugar cane from the Lodge garden to give to your Elephant to cement your relationship. You proceed for a ride in the forest (30 – 60 minutes according to your taste), an unforgettable experience. You may see some birds during the ride. You then return to the lodge stopping at The Butterfly Bridge where up to 50 species have been seen over an hour period. After lunch and a siesta, at 15:00 hours you will be taken into the park to Way Kanan for a short river trip where you should see primates, birds, mammals (even a Sun Bear) and hopefully wild Elephant. This is a magic day with so many different experiences. Back to the Lodge for dinner.

 DAY 2  - Bambangan and Night Walk

Bambangan is an area near the Elephant training centre, which is very threatened by poachers and fire burning. You start at 07:00 with a cup of tea and breakfast, then proceed to Bambangan past the elephant centre to a new ranger station created especially for anti poaching and reforestation. This station has been formed by a collaboration between some of the park rangers and the NGO ALERT where you have a picnic lunch and learn from these unique rangers (dedicating their lives to Conservation) about their conservation work. After lunch you can plant a tree as part of assistance to their work and also leave behind a memory of your visit. Then you go for a short hike through the forest seeing birds on the way to a river area in the hope of seeing the endemic white winged wood duck. Then back to the Lodge for afternoon tea. After dinner, Harry will take you on his of his exciting night walks where hopefully you will see night bird, and mammals. You may even see a wild Elephant.

 DAY 3  - River Boat + Walk to Kalibiru (walk 2-3 hours total)

After a leisurely breakfast, you will drive slowly through the Park to Way Kanan stopping to see and hear the Siamang Gibbons calling. You will then take a boat to Kalibiru (around 60 minutes). Then you will proceed on a fascinating walk either to a game viewing platform or to Rawa Gajah, a swamp area where often Elephants are seen. Depending on the season, this area is grassland or under waist deep water. Sambar deer, wild pig, binturong and the endangered white winged wood duck have been seen here. The trail often shows scats, pug marks and tree scratching of Tigers. This makes the trip really exciting. After a picnic lunch, you will walk slowly back to the boat and who knows what you may see on the river on return, hopefully primates, different bird species, deer and maybe elephants. A great days wildlife experience.

 DAY 4  - Drop to Airport

After a very early breakfast, you will proceed to the airport for the first flight to Jakarta.


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