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SURVIVAL UNDER COVID OUR DRIVERS Our series about our staff stories of survival from the effects of COVID 19 continues with an article about our drivers. All our drivers are local, and their expertise has developed during their employment with Ecolodges Indonesia, especially their hospitality knowledge and English skills.   Santosing Kubus Tunggal – ELI Central Office Santos was born in Malang – East Java and now lives with the family in Denpasar near our […]

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ABOUT OUR TOUR SEEING JAVA BY TRAIN We wish to highlight travelling by train in Indonesia. This is a great option as trains are cheap and in first class service is excellent. Seeing the island of Java by train is a great option. Ecolodges Indonesia can now offer an add on option after visiting either our Rimba Orangutan Ecolodge or our Satwa Sumatra Ecolodge. Instead of flying back to Bali, you could fly to Jakarta, […]

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OUR FOUNDATION NEWS – Update project in Satwa, Kelimutu and Rimba

OUR FOUNDATION NEWS Update project in Satwa, Kelimutu and Rimba IT’S TWINS! In Sumatra, Ibu Naniks first goat has had not one, but two kids! The Satwa Sumatra Ecolodge staff are buzzing with excitement. Ibu Rumiatun has just taken a loan to buy two new Rambon breed goats, cross Indonesian/Australian. Both are two months pregnant. She is hoping for twins! Pak Suratnos male is getting bigger, to be sold when the price is right. This […]

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ANIMAL SIGHTED AT OUR LODGE – Bare Throated Whistler, the fantastic songbird of Kelimutu

ANIMAL SIGHTED AT OUR LODGE Bare Throated Whistler, the fantastic songbird of Kelimutu All of us know that the icon of Kelimutu area is The magnificent Three Color Lakes National Park. But in this area you could also explore the fascinating culture and natural beauty of Flores. The Kelimutu area is rich with birdlife and contains some of the endemic species of Flores. Bare-throathed whistler is one of several wild birds in Kelimutu National Park […]

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Introduction The COVID 19 virus caused business in Ecolodges Indonesia to cease within two weeks of late February and early March 2020. With only six months liquid funds available, all 89 staff took massive salary reductions, some up to 80%, and part time work to help the company survive over a period of 18 – 24 months. Most of our staff have served ELI for more than 10 years in their different locations. During this […]

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In Memoriam

Mt Kelimutu Sunset

In Memoriam We wish to pay tribute to two people who have helped and supported us over many years. Marcel Adi                                                                                                                          Marcel Adi with a Sumatran Rhino Marcel Adi, born and brought up a Christian in Java, passed suddenly in April 2020 in Borneo. Marcel was a Board member over the period 2013 – 2018 and, also acted as an advisor on many aspects of conservation especially around the Way Kambas National Park (WKNP) […]

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