Trans Flores Cultural, Scenic and Wildlife Safari


Visit three different cultures on the beautiful island of Flores as well as see Komodo Dragons, endemic birds, snorkel or dive on bio diverse corals reefs, view volcanic mountains along the spine and see the multi coloured Kelimutu crater lakes, the home of the Lio people. The island of Flores is special.

An experience you will not forget on the mystical island of Flores

Ecolodges Indonesia is a conservation company, mandated in our Mission statement to “empower local people so that they use eco tourism as a basis for their sustainable jobs and thus form a conservation stakeholder in the areas where they are living at the edge of national parks.

The island of Flores is one of two major islands in the province of Nusa Tenggara Timor of Indonesia. It is an up and coming tourist destination in this scenic and beautiful island with volcanic mountains down the middle and fabulous coral reefs, beaches and islands around the periphery. Around 90% of the population is Catholic with at least six different distinct languages and cultures. We will show three of these cultures the Manggarai in the west around Labuan Bajo, the Ngada in the mountains around Bajawa in the centre and the Lio around the mountain village of Moni in the east. You will also experience the fabulous coral reefs of the Komodo national park where the Komodo dragons also exist (the only place on earth), huge living volcanoes, mountains and beautiful valleys and one of the pinnacles is viewing the Kelimutu colored crater lakes, the spiritual home of the Lio people. All your guides will be local people and we hope you will come away from the tour with real friends left behind but not forgotten in Flores. If you wish to extend your tour in Flores, Bali or to one of our other eco lodges, this can be easily arranged.


 DAY 1  - Udayana Kingfisher Eco Lodge

You will be met at Ngurah Rai international airport of Denpasar by one of our senior staff and taken to Udayana Kingfisher Eco Lodge situated in a bird sanctuary in South Bali. You will be briefed by the Manager and your Bali tour guide. Depending on your arrival time, you will be offered a bird walking the gardens around the lodge, a visit to the Nusa Dua settling ponds (good for water birds) or an late after noon visit to the Uluwatu temple where you can also see the famous Kecak (Monkey) dance on the cliffs against the backdrop of the Indian ocean. Many guests opt for a rest. A briefing on your tour will be given prior to dinner.

 DAY 2  - Denpasar – Labuan Bajo

After breakfast, you will fly from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo; picked up by your guide and our driver and transferred to our Bajo Komodo Eco Lodge for a welcome drink, check in and lunch, meet your guide and check your snorkeling equipment. After a siesta, you will proceed to Bidadari Island for snorkeling. Dinner and rest at the Lodge.

 DAY 3  - Labuan Bajo – Komodo island

An early start, you will proceed to the harbour for your boat to Komodo Island, the largest island and apart from the dragons, it is famous for its dry land habitat and variety of birds. Departure is at 0530 after breakfast arriving at Komodo at around 0900. After checking with the park authorities, you trek for around 2 km through the bush to a special site where Komodos are generally seen. During the walk you can see many species of birds, deer, pigs, and many orchids; then return to the park headquarters where Komodos are generally lurking. After lunch on the boat, you will snorkel on the world famous bio diverse “Pink Beach” where the currents have to be checked as they can be strong. This whole day is full of sights of the park, birds, corrals, fish and wonderful scenery.

 DAY 4  - Bajawa

Another early start as the relaxing drive to Bajawa will take all day including stops. You will drive out of Bajo into the mountains around the Mbeliling bird sanctuary, up to the plateau of Ruteng where you will have lunch. You can stop at any time and a short stop in recommended at a local village to see some of the Manggerai culture. Ruteng is a hill town the main town of the area. After lunch a stop will be made at Ranamese lake (40 minutes on the road to Bajawa) where you can see topical rain forest and birds. after this through valleys down to the sea on the Indian ocean side, past volcanoes and rise again up the mountain town of Bajawa, the main town of the Ngada people. Hopefully you will see the spectacular volcano of Aimere near Bajawa. Your hotel is in town and you can explore this interesting place in the evening.

 DAY 5  - Moni and Kelimutu Crater Lakes Eco Lodge

After breakfast, you will proceed to Bena a traditional village of the Ngada, rich in megalith culture; then proceed to Ende for lunch. On the way, you can see and enjoy the beauty of Ende Bay where an export industry is based on the collection of blue stone of the beaches exported all over the world. A stop will be made to observe activities of locals collecting blue stone to be used for interior design in swimming pools and bath rooms. Ende is the commercial hub of this area and a port; it also has one of the best private schools in Indonesia and a house where Sukarno was exiled for many years by the Dutch. The last leg is 90 minutes from Ende through the mountains with spectacular scenery to the Kelimutu Crater Lakes Eco Lodge under Mt Kelimutu. The lodge is beautifully situated in a valley on either side of a burbling river. The gardens are full of fruit trees and coffee and there are many birds. There is also rice paddies opposite the lodge, part of the gardens. Relax and then dinner.

 DAY 6  - Kelimutu Crater Lakes

A very early start in the dark rising at around 0430; after a quick coffee/tea and snack make the 17km run to the lakes to be there at dawn. This is a unique experience and you will not only see a beautiful setting but be informed of the local folklore about the lakes. The songs of the birds (especially The Bare Throated Whistler with at least 17 different calls) are extraordinary. You will spend time walking in the area in the national park and see more vegetation and bird species. These lakes are the spiritual home of the Lio people and each lake has a special meaning; this will be explained by your guide. You will be taken back to the lodge for a late breakfast and relax in the environs of the lodge. After lunch take a siesta, and at 1600 a short bird walk will be conducted in a 4 km area around the lodge. Dinner at the Lodge.

 DAY 7  - Around Moni

The area around Moni is fascinating and the ikat weaving is spectacular; considered the best in Flores. After breakfast, with your guide, you will proceed to Ngela, a weaving village where you can study how the women make ikat. This is a laborious and tedious process but the results are staggering with beautiful motifs all meaning significant events in the culture. After a picnic lunch, you will do some walking and then proceed to home via Wolowaru, the largest of towns in this area. In the early evening a walk down the valley of the lodge is recommended.

 DAY 8  - Denpasar, Bali

Depending on flight times you will either leave very early or around mid morning for Ende and go back the 90 minutes to the airport prior to catching your flight to Denpasar back to The Udayana Kingfisher Eco Lodge for dinner. If plenty of time, you will visit a traditional village between Moni and Ende and hear more of the customs of the Lio people; in Ende you will visit the simple home of President Sukarno (Indonesia’s first President, the Founding Father), now a museum.

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