"This tour is a celebration of the dynamic work of nineteenth century explorer Alfred Wallace, who played a major role in Darwin’s thinking about the evolution and development of our planet."


Wallace observed a line of ecological demarcation between the islands of Bali and Lombok, an evolutionary masterpiece! Here you will be able to experience first-hand the wonders of this evolutionary process in nature.

This is also an exciting wildlife tour, where you will see critically endangered species in their natural habitat. Many of these species are endemic to the area and offers uniquely special experiences for animal and bird lovers alike.

Australasia to the East
Asia to the West

This is where the magic lies! The Wallace Line is an imaginary boundary that runs between the islands of Bali and Lombok dividing two unique ecosystems. To the East, on these eco tours you will see species of Australasian descent and to the West, species that are similar to the Asian mainland, and some species are a hybrid of the two.

The effect is also seen to a lesser extent in the flora of the area and even the landscape is distinct on either side of the line. But for animal enthusiasts, The Wallace Line is one of the wonders of the natural world.

To the West you will discover the wet tropics, with its unique rainforests and endangered primates such as Orangutans, Proboscis Monkeys, Gibbons and Langurs among nine species in the Tandjung Puting National Park. Here you will be treated to the “Rimba Experience” which has been described by many as “The Best Wild Orangutan Experience in the World”.

Then, you will spend time exploring the dry tropics to the East, with the prehistoric giants of the lizard world: the Komodo Dragons.

These ferocious creatures can only be found here in the Komodo islands, west of Labuan Bajo. You will also experience fabulous reefs full of Corals, Sponges and Fish of great biodiversity that make up part of the “Coral Triangle”, recognized as one of the best snorkelling and diving areas of the world.


Our eco tours are private and as such, perfectly flexible. They can be customised to your needs, interests and schedule. You may wish to spend more time in some places and less in others, do more or less hiking or include different experiences that are not in the suggested itinerary.

We welcome the chance to plan your Wallace Line Ecological tour with you.

Tour Itinerary

DAY 1 - Bali

Welcome to Indonesia! After arrival at Ngurah Rai International airport in Bali, you will be met by our staff who will transport you to the hotel of your choice for a welcome and tour briefing by one of our senior staff.

DAY 2 - Borneo and primates

After an early breakfast, you will proceed to Pangkalan Bun, Borneo via Java. You will be met by your guide and taken to our house in the port of Kumai, then by traditional Klotok river boat for the beautiful two-hour journey to Rimba Lodge.


Proboscis Monkey

DAY 3 - Camp Leakey

orangutan tour

Today you will take a Klotok river boat to world famous Camp Leakey to view Orangutans in their natural habitat. Other primates to be seen include Proboscis Monkeys, Gibbons and Long Tailed Macaques and Silverbacked Langurs.

On the river usually you will see wild orangutans. This is very exiting and begins your orangutan experience. You also have the opportunity to see many birds, crocodiles and monitors.

Lunch is taken on the boat before walking around two km to the feeding station.

Camp Leakey (named after Oxford based scientist Louis Leakey), is one of the homes of Professor Birute Galdikas. Camp Leakey is known as the longest biological, documented, scientific experiment on the globe. Birute Galdikas is one of Leakey’s golden angels, the others being Dianne Fossey (Gorilla scientist) and Jane Goodall (the Chimpanzee scientist).

Oragutan Tours

The Orangutan is a close relative of humans and have shown an ability to learn signs as a method for communicating with humans.

On the cruise home, if the evening is clear, you may enjoy a stunning river sunset with Proboscis Monkeys.


orangutan sanctuary indonesia

After breakfast, you then proceed to Tanggui Orangutan release centre in an area famous for butterflies. If you haven’t already you may discover the local Alpha Male. These huge Orangutans are a sight to behold!

After the Tanggui experience, take a rainforest hike with exotic birds, butterflies and trees. This is an opportunity to really get a feel for the area. Lunch will be served back on the boat during a leisurely return to the lodge.

After a short siesta, you will proceed to the third feeding station at Tanjung Harapan. Then you  will have “Dinner with Fireflies.” An unforgettably magical river boat experience that is not to be missed.


Birding tour

After a late breakfast at the lodge you will head to Kumai and the airport for your return to Bali in time for dinner.

DAY 6 - Ubud and Kintamani

Rice Paddies Bali

This is a full day tour of Bali where you will enjoy stunning scenery including the rice terraces and crater area around Mt Batur and Mt Agung.

You will also get a taste for Bali culture at temples and other places of interest and The Arts Centre at Ubud.

Today you will have lunch at Ubud and can also go shopping if you wish!

You will head back to the hotel for dinner and a briefing for the next stages of the tour - the Komodo Islands in Flores, on the other side of The Wallace Line.

DAY 7 - Labuan Bajo and Mbeliling

Snorkelling Komodo National Park

After a relaxing breakfast, you will leave for Labuan Bajo and our special new property, the Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge arriving mid-afternoon.

After welcome you can walk around the garden and may see number of birds.

DAY 8 - Komodo Dragons and Rinca Island

This is a long day but such an adventure! Rinca Island is the main and most beautiful island of the Komodo group of islands. We purposely choose a slow boat as so that you can cruise through The Sea of Flores, past the stunning tropical islands.

komodo tour package

You will arrive at the large Island of Rinca around 09:00 depending on currents and will proceed by foot to look for the giants of the lizard world, the Komodo Dragons.

The Komodo Dragons are a seriously endangered species, that grow up to 3.5 metres in length. They have a ferocious bite combining serrated teeth with a mysteriously toxic saliva.

Here you should also see a number of bird species and hopefully buffalo and deer. Lunch will be served back on the boat before more opportunities for snorkelling. This is a fantastic area renowned for its biodiversity.

DAY 9 - Hiking and Birding

One cannot compare the two ecological systems in Indonesia without looking at some of the birds, and this day of hiking and birding will be led by Sam Rabenak, a specialist bird guide.

For those interested in waterfalls, this can be arranged as part of the day too. The Mbeliling mountain area is a vital water source for Labuan Bajo and this area has some endemic species of both birds and trees.

DAY 10 - Lake Sano and cunca rami

birding tour companies

Lake Sano is a sulphur lake on the other side of Mount Mbeliling and around the lake are many different types of birds. Lunch will be enjoyed at a local homestay where you will meet some locals of the area.

You will visit the Cunca Rami waterfall on the way back to the lodge.

The amount of walking or hiking on these days depends entirely on your fitness and interests.


Today we say goodbye! Your tour is done, and we will transport you to Bali so that you can proceed home or onwards to the next stage of your travels.

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