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“We are thrilled to add Mbeliling Lodge to the Ecolodges family.
This is a labour of love. The development of this property has given us an opportunity to contribute significantly to the conservation and sustainability of the local communities and species of the area.

We now welcome visitors to enjoy this special place with us.”

Welcome to Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge!

The Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge is open for its first year and is proving its place as one of our most beautiful lodges. The sunsets seen from all over the lodge but especially the restaurant and bar are proving popular with both locals and overseas visitors. The variety of activities are also great attractions especially birding, hiking and local culture.

The lodge and restaurant are nestled on the edge of a forest and conservation area and offer excellent access to a huge area for trekking and birding. This is a steep mountainside site but we provide transport to take you up from the restaurant to the cabins. However, for hiking and bird watching strong knees are a must.

Flores Island is much lesser known than Bali, a hidden treasure offering exceptional wildlife and natural beauty. Tourism is still developing, which means a visit to this stunning island is an opportunity not to be missed.

For wildlife lovers, this is one of our best birding lodges and our tours give you a chance to see many birds including all four of the Flores endemics, the Flores Hanging Parrot, Flores Monarch, Flores Scops Owl and the Flores Crow.

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Your Mbeliling experience starts each day with dawn light and mists that creep over the forests of the mountain, resulting in a chorus of waking birds. On clear days the views are a feast for the eyes with views to the Komodo Islands and even Mount Sangiang - the live volcano of Sumbawa.

Flores is paradise for flora and fauna and the lodge, in West Manggerai Regency, offers access to a huge variety of birding walks, waterfalls, lakes and canyons, cultural visits to local villages where you can experience the fierce Caci Dance, and a chance to visit the site of the Flores man (a tiny hobbit like community that archaeologists have recently excavated).

It is also your base for world class snorkelling and diving sites and a chance to walk with the ferocious Komodo Dragons in the wild.

Flores is an ecological paradise packed with fascinating endemic species and mountainous landscapes that will take your breath away. Be sure to enquire about how best to see all there is to see in your stay here!


Families are welcome at Mbeliling Ecolodge. A passion for conservation can start at a very young age and we revel in the opportunity to inspire young people with the beauty and excitement of our amazing wildlife and natural treasures.

Between the lodge and the tours, we will ensure that your family has a unique, special and memorable experience. Please see the Q&A below for appropriate ages and activities.


Mbeliling Ecolodge offers an intimate camp-style layout with nine A-Frame cottages and a restaurant set in the side of Mount Mbeliling.

Our rooms are unique, large, airy and contemporary with modern conveniences, yet are designed to complement the beautiful environment in which they stand.

Each room includes stunning views over local forests, Mount Mbeliling, out to Labuan Bajo Bay and the Komodo Islands or over the Mbeliling forest reserve.

We have a triple focus for our lodge…

First, to provide clean, comfortable, modern accommodation where our guests can relax and enjoy the natural wonders of Flores.

Second, to create an environment that is optimally sustainable, that is thoughtfully designed and maintained to reduce all possible impacts on the area.

Third, to educate local communities to be passionate conservationists, empowering them to create sustainable ways to protect and positively contribute to the ecological conservation of their island.

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Each A-Frame Cottage includes

  • Comfortable innersprung double or twin beds
  • Modern bathroom with hot water
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Balcony and comfortable chairs with outstanding views
  • The hotspot Internet is provided at our restaurant

... and close proximity to our restaurant serving three delicious meals a day, as well as picnic boxes for excursions. We cater to all special dietary needs, please advise us of your requirements prior to arrival.

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Activities in West Flores

A stay at Mbeliling is an opportunity to enjoy unique natural treasures.

Here are some highlights to include in your itinerary...

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Komodo dragons, Komodo Islands

The Komodo Islands are home to our endemic prehistoric looking beasts – The Komodo Dragon. These fearsome lizards are one of the most efficient hunters on earth with venomous saliva, but sadly also endangered.

They are able to swim long distances and feed on buffalo, deer and wild pigs. A visit to Komodo Island includes a briefing with the warden and the opportunity to see other bird and animal species on your walk as well. A visit to Komodo Island is often combined with snorkelling for an action-packed, full day adventure.

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Walking and Hiking

The lodge is the base for hundreds of possible walks and hikes. Lake Sano, for example, offers a beautiful flat stroll, or you could choose a two-day mountain hike including a night under the stars on Mount Mbeliling. Walks and hikes in West Flores will bring you to stunning waterfalls and through forests and incredible birding areas. We will help you find the perfect walks for your interests and fitness levels.

Caci dance

Melo Village

Flores has many fascinating and distinct cultural groups and the people of Melo Village are no exception. They welcome the opportunity to share their lively culture, including Caci; an exciting form of martial art which is unique to the Manggarai region.

Birding Indonesia

Birding, Butterflies and Botanical Adventures

For birding enthusiasts West Flores is a treat, and you may wish to stay longer to really explore all that is possible to see in the local area.

Possible birds include: Puarlolo: Crested & Thick-billed Dark-eyes, Lemon-bellied and Yellow-spectacled White-eyes, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Flores Monarch, Golden Whistler, Black-faced Munia, Whiterumped Kingfisher, Flores Hawk-Eagle, Spotted Kestrel. Ranamese: Chestnut-backed Thrush, Russet-backed Tesia, Golden-rumped Flowerpecker, Bare-throated Whistler, Yellow-browed Darkeye, Elegant Pitta, Flores Scops Owls an endemic species on the island & Wallace’s Scops Owls, Mees’s Nightjars.

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One of the must seen waterfalls at the area is Cunca Rami Waterfall. A 30 meters waterfall located about one hours drive from the lodge plus 30-45 minutes walking to the area. It is mostly untouched and pristine, and also its bit of an adventure. The waterfall is so elegant with a blue round pond-like, where you can swim.

Cunca Wulan is a limestone waterfall that feeds into a series of freshwater pools in a canyon. It is a beautiful place to spend some time, hiking, climbing or even jumping into the cool water of the deeper pools. Here you can relax and enjoy the lovely natural surrounds.

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Batu Cermin Cave

A visit to Batu Cermin Cave offers a chance to don a safety helmet and see stalagmites and stalactites, fossils, crystals, bats, spiders and possibly snakes. This cave has an interesting light effect at certain times of the day when sunlight enters through a hole creating a mirrored effect.

Homo Floresiensis

Photo Credit: Avandergeer at English Wikipedia CC BY 3.0

"Hobbit" Cave

This is a fascinating day trip to the archaeological site of “Flores Man” or Homo floresiensis a species of tiny 3-4ft tall humans that once lived on the island - at the same time as modern humans. The site is a large cave which more recently had been used for ceremonies but is now protected under Indonesian law. On this trip, you will also see the stunning scenery around Ruteng.

Snorkelling Komodo National Park

Diving and Snorkelling

The turquoise waters of West Flores offer some of the best diving and snorkelling in the world. This area is part of “The Ring of Fire” and is renowned for its great biodiversity of fish, corals and sponges. There are a huge number of islands and sites to explore and more than 30 registered dive companies that you can choose from with your PADI licence. We also have partners that provide boats for our snorkelling safari and island visits in the Komodo National Park.

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Pink Beach

Another treasure in the Komodo National Park is Pink Beach, the pink effect caused by microorganisms that wash up in the sand. As well as a picturesque location, the coral is lush here and makes for excellent snorkelling. You can include Pink Beach in any Komodo Island tour – please listen to your guides advice about where to swim safely.


Sano Ngoang Lake

Lake Sano is a beautiful sulphurous lake on the other side of Mount Mbeliling. As well as a scenic walk there is great birding here and a chance to lunch at a homestay and meet some locals of the area.

Mbeliling Q&A

Book Your Mbeliling Holiday Today!

Contact our reservations team to book the ultimate Indonesian holiday.

Rooms are USD $70 per night!

Work with our team to design the ideal wildlife and cultural holiday to suit your schedule, interests and budget.

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