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Indonesia is home to an outstanding variety of wildlife, whether you are called to experience exotic birds, awe-inspiring mammals, ferocious reptiles or the mysterious creatures of the ocean.

With so many species now facing extinction, our conservation work here is crucially important. Not only will you have unforgettable wildlife experiences; your visit contributes directly to the land and species that we are working to protect.

You can choose whether you will stroll, hike, tour, safari, snorkel, dive or cruise on this adventure, and which species will be most exciting for you to discover… or perhaps take our suggested tour for a taste of everything we have to offer!

Wildlife Tours in Indonesia

The beauty of Indonesia lies in its vibrant diversity. On your tour it is possible to explore new terrains and see unique species and cultural practices every single day. The landscape is a thousand stunning pictures from the unique island of Bali with its special rice paddies, the cultural centre at Ubud, and East and West Flores with coral reefs, rainforests, volcanos, mountains and coloured lakes.

In just 17 days you can visit the wet and dry tropics. The wet tropics will show rainforests, unique and endangered primates (Orangutans, Proboscis Monkeys, Siamang Gibbons, other Primates, Elephants, and possibly a Rhino and the smell of the Tiger). The dry tropics you will experience Komodo Dragon, Snorkeling, Diving, Birding, Culture and Volcanoes.

Discover our remote jungle treasure “Rimba” which has been described as “the best wild Orangutan experience in the world”, enjoy a prehistoric walk with our wild endemic Komodo Dragons and much, much more!


These wildlife tours combine visits to all of our four lodges as well as partner hotels in unique ecological and cultural locations in the Indonesian archipelago. Our tours are private and as such, perfectly flexible, so the activities described can be customised according to your needs, interests and schedule.

For example; if you are a diver, you could spend more days in the Komodo National park; if you are a keen birder you may spend more time in our best bird lodges, the Satwa Sumatra Elephant and Mbeliling Mountain Eco Lodges; if you are an artist you will be hosted by our specialised guides. Our booking team will work with you to create your ideal itinerary for your wildlife adventure.

Tour Itinerary


DAY 1 - Bali

Arriving at Ngurah Rai International airport in Bali, you will be met by our staff who will transport you to the hotel of your choice, followed by a welcome and briefing on the tour by one of our senior staff.

DAY 2 - Labuan Bajo

Birding tour

After a relaxing breakfast, you will leave for the flight to Labuan Bajo where you will be met by your guide and taken to the Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge, arriving for lunch and a short siesta.

Those who wish to go hiking or birding or both will proceed to the lodge for check in and lunch prior to being taken by your guide into the forest.

DAY 3 - Rinca Island and Komodo Dragons!

Today starts early - in time to board your boat to Rinca Island, the main and most beautiful island of the Komodo group of islands. Relax as you coast through the reefs of the Sea of Flores, past many islands including the large island of Rinca.

Upon arrival you will be briefed by a park warden and then begin your walk to discover Komodo Dragons as well as other animals and exotic birds. Lunch is on the boat and then you return by one of the islands for snorkeling.

komodo tour package


Snorkelling Komodo National Park

It is a day of two choices!

You could either join Sam Rabenak (our specialist bird guide) to Lake Sano, or join our local guide to experience a caci dance and a local culture and ikat weaving

DAY 5 - Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge

Take an early flight to Ende, you will pick up by your guide and then travel into the mountains to the lodge.

The Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge is uniquely beautiful, with a river flowing from the grounds right under Mount Kelimutu. Here you will enjoy a late lunch, a briefing and a siesta!

This afternoon you are free to roam our breath-taking grounds over 5 hectares, which includes our developing organic farm, and a picturesque valley ideal for birding and walking. The lodge and grounds were designed and built by Meryl Wilson who has created a gorgeously manicured and uniquely special nature experience.

DAY 6 - Sunrise at the Coloured Crater Lakes

Kelimutu Ecolodges

Seeing the Kelimutu Lakes at dawn is a truly magical experience. At 04:00 you will drive with your guide to the crater lakes through the base of the Kelimutu National Park and walk up to the lakes through early morning woodland.

Sip hot drinks while sunlight wakes the spiritual volcanic crater and learn about local beliefs and folklore. Then explore all three of the ever-changing coloured lakes. This is an unforgettable adventure.

On the walk back down, there is a cacophony of birds to discover including the varied songs of The Bare Throated Whistler followed by a well-deserved breakfast and a tour to the village of Moni to see the market and local agriculture. After lunch and a short siesta, you will visit another local village where talented weavers prepare traditional Ikats (weavings) using centuries’ old techniques. You can also see how we support the villagers in creating a sustainable future.

DAY 7 - Walking through Paradise

Today you will enjoy the paradise of the locale, including the many joys of this mountain area including walking, unique birding and meeting local Lio people.

Your guide will help you plan your activities, there are a huge variety of walks, waterfalls and hot springs to explore as well as the culture of the Lio people who are staunchly Roman Catholic but retain some very old customs where the lakes are central to some beliefs.

Tonight, get plenty of rest, tomorrow is a long travel day.

DAY 8 and 9 - Borneo via Bali

Take an early flight to Bali, pick up by your guide taken to your hotel for lunch and siesta. Then later in the afternoon proceed to the Uluwatu temple, to see the famous Kecak Dance. Dinner back at the hotel.
Day 9, You will travel to Borneo (via Java) landing at Pangkalan Bun – Central Kalimantan, met by your guide who take you to our office in the port of Kumai and to your Klotok (river boat), to start the magical trip up The Sekonyer River to the Rimba Orangutan Ecolodge.

On the way (if the weather is clear) you will see many fireflies and after two hours see the welcome lights of our remote jungle property - Rimba Orangutan Ecolodge. You will be welcomed and briefed by our Manager before dinner. This is a long day and you will cross six of the main islands of our vast archipelago.

DAY 10 - Orangutans at Camp Leakey

klotok in tanjung puting national park

For Birders, make the most of a pre-breakfast bird walk. Then cruise on your Klotok river boat to the famous Camp Leakey where you will see Orangutans in their natural habitat along the river as well as at Leakey.

Other primates to discover include Proboscis Monkeys, Gibbons, Long Tailed Macaques and Silverbacked Langurs.

You will also see many endemic birds, crocodiles, pigs and monitors.

Organutan Tour

Camp Leakey (named after the famous Oxford based scientist Louis Leakey) was pioneered in 1973 and developed by Professor Birute Galdikas (an investor of Ecolodges Indonesia).

Camp Leakey is the longest biological, documented scientific experiment worldwide. Birute Galdikas is one of Leakey’s golden angels, the others being Dianne Fossey (the Gorilla scientist) and Jane Goodall (the Chimpanzee scientist).

On the boat home, if the evening is clear, you may have a brilliant sunset full of roosting Proboscis Monkeys and Horn Bills.

Note: Without the hard and long-term work of Birute Galdikas, we would not have Tandjung Puting National Park, which was under threat by many types of illegal activities. We owe her a great debt for this national treasure.

DAY 11 - Orangutans at Camp Tanggui and Tandjung Harapan

Orangutan Tour

For Birders, another early morning bird walk! Then breakfast for all and a visit to Tanggui – the second Orangutan release centre. This area is known for butterflies.

After seeing the Orangutan feeding here, you will have a chance to enjoy a relaxed hike around the area and see exotic birds, butterflies and precious trees. Lunch is served back at the lodge before heading to Tandjung Harapan - the third release centre, for the afternoon feeding.

After some siesta time at the lodge tonight’s adventure is a relaxed evening on the river boat “Dinner with the Fireflies”. A simply magical way to end the day.

Day 12 - Travel to Sumatra

This morning cruise down river to Kumai and then on to the airport to catch your plane to Jakarta, and Lampung in Sumatra. You will be met by one of our senior staff for the two-hour drive to The Satwa Sumatra Elephant Ecolodge where you can relax with a late dinner.


DAY 13 - Elephants, Rhinos, Birding and More!

Your time at Satwa will depend on your interests – there is so much to see here! Your guide will give you several options that you can work into your time here including; birding – this is our best birding lodge! Also, a chance to meet with the Elephants!

Sumatra Ecolodge

When visiting the Elephant Conservation Centre take some sugar cane from our gardens and head into the park to meet the mahouts and the Elephants at the centre.

You will discover the lifetime bond between mahouts and their Elephants and learn how they play an important role in the community. Marauding wild Elephants can threaten local villages, and villagers may kill them to protect their crops and people.

The Elephant Protection Unit was set up to use trained Elephants to drive the wild Elephants from the villages, protecting all involved from conflict. This innovative program has saved a significant number of wild Elephants and if you are lucky you will get a chance to witness the unit at work.

Sumatran Rhino Tour Indonesia

A special tour opportunity is a visit to the International Rhino Centre - however, this has to be especially pre-arranged and will require a research donation.

Other possible experiences include a homestay with a local family, and a hike and picnic at the Bambangan reforestation centre where you will have an opportunity to plant a tree, speak with park rangers and see the reforestation areas.

During this walk you may see evidence of more wild Elephants and the endemic white winged wood duck.

DAY 14- Siamang Gibbons and River Boat Trip

River Trip

At Satwa Ecolodge you will often wake to the haunting call of The Siomang Gibbons in the nearby National Park. After breakfast, you have a chance to walk through the park with the aim of seeing the Siomang Gibbons for yourself!

You will also see a variety of birds and deer as well. After lunch you are back to the park again to Way Kanan for a river boat trip and a thrilling hike in the Tiger habitat.

On the river you should see birds and primates as well as Deer and wild Elephants. Sun Bears have also been spotted here. Dinner is served back at the lodge and for enthusiasts, you can adventure out on a night bird walk with Heriyono, our resident bird guide.

DAY 15 - Bali

Today you travel back to Lampung to catch your flight to Bali via Jakarta. You will have lunch at Jakarta airport. In Bali, you will be met by our drivers and for transport to your hotel for a relaxing dinner and a night swim in the pool.

DAY 16 - Birding, Shopping and Relaxation or Kintamani and Ubud


Rice Paddies Bali

Vehicles will be supplied also to take you to Nusa Dua, Kuta and Kerobokan shopping areas if you wish. Of course, you may just wish to chill out and enjoy some time by the pool! or
This a full day Bali tour including Kintamani and the crater area of Mt Batur, visits to temples, the art town f Ubud and viewing the famous rice terraces.

This is a fantastic introduction to the rich Hindu culture, and the importance of Bali in the Indonesian archipelago.

DAY 17 - Goodbyes!

After breakfast your tour is done! You may proceed to other planned destinations, or home with a lifetime of wonderful memories. Of course, we will assist you with onward bookings and airport transfers.

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