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At the heart of Ecolodges Indonesia and Ecosafari Indonesia is Conservation, Community and Culture.

Our unwavering commitment to conservation is built into the very foundations of our properties and is always the deciding factor in our growth. Our ethos is to inspire and educate local communities in every place that we touch, creating passionate conservationists at every step. This is a ground-up philosophy that empowers communities to champion critical conservation causes.

Ecolodges Indonesia Conservation
Tree Planting Conservation Team

Conservation Advocates

As advocates for conservation, we only employ local people at our lodges.

This is a conservation measure aimed to strengthen and empower their commitment to the environment as an employment source. We believe that the protection of national parks will only occur through sustainable jobs to persons on the edge of parks.

Our foreign and Indonesian supporters bring a range of expertise and skills to the operation of all lodges registered with Ecolodges Indonesia.

Supporters also can become involved in the company as Tour Leaders, Board Members, Trainers in English, Guiding, Birding and in many other areas.

Our guests play a vital role in this process, contributing in many ways, including a US$10 contribution to the company Conservation Fund for every booking. We use our conservation fund and other donor funds responsibly in community-based development programs with NO administration fees.

Large Conservation Programmes

Reforestation Campaign for Tanjung Putting National Park

Training Fire Protection
Fire Protection Training

This programme is a result of the devastating fires in 2015 in Borneo which nearly destroyed Tanjung Puting NP. The programme is funded from private donors and our company conservation fund.

It is divided into three areas (1) the development of a tree nursery in conjunction with Friends of the National Parks (FNP);also includes the planting of over 10,000 trees in the park, and (2) The training of three Indonesians (staff members of Rimba Orangutan Ecolodge, the Tanjung Puting National Park and the NGO Friends of the National Parks) by the Beechmont Rural Fire Brigade in Australia and their subsequent return to train others and form local volunteer groups, and (3) the provision of firefighting equipment.

Following the Australian training, the Indonesian representatives returned home to continue the development of a Rapid Response Forest Protection Unit based in the village of Tanjung Harapan.

There are several phases including equipment, the training of 15 people as a special team ready at any time, the organisation of a volunteer organisation for tree planting and firefighting, and liaising with government-specific organisations (especially the National Parks) to coordinate future responses.

Simultaneously, we have funded a nursery to aid the reforestation efforts.

This a long-term activity which requires constant funding. The next stage is paying for equipment and water sources on site. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all funders for their support in this critical project.

Development of New Ecolodges

Support in small grants for the development of new Ecolodges, the most recent the "Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge". This newest addition to the Ecolodges Family sits on the edge of the Mbeliling Bird Sanctuary and the water source for the growing city of Labuan Bajo, the gateway to the Komodo National Park. This vital lodge is open now.

Eco-Tourism Syoubri, Arfak Mountains, West Papua

Ecolodges Indonesia has a long-term programme working with the local people in the Arfaks mountains to upgrade homestays and increase their income through ecotourism.

Small Conservation Programme and Activities

Ecolodges Indonesia Conservation
Tree Planting

Each lodge is dedicated to education and engaging communities in sustainability, the environment, promoting the unique and diverse cultures of the Indonesian people and supporting efforts to protect some of the world’s most endangered species. Here are some of the smaller activities that we undertake.

Expanding our Conservation Areas

The company now owns and protects over 60ha around all our lodges which is all for conservation. These strategic acquisitions safeguard critical areas for flora and fauna.

Our presence limits access to poachers and other opportunistic groups who may otherwise destroy our precious environment and wildlife species for profit. Our new Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge assists in the protection of a vital birding area which is also the water source for the rapidly developing city of Labuan Bajo.

Harapan Village

The inhabitants of this village originally lived in the park itself. Most of the families are employed in the palm oil plantations, although some work in ecotourism with us. Here you can see the dreadful impact of the rapacious expansion of the palm oil industry.

All wildlife lovers and passionate conservationists will want to witness and understand the plight of the orangutans through loss of habitat, and maybe join us in our ongoing mission to save them.

Cultural Village Visits and Textiles

We have partnered several villages in the proximity of our lodges. The goal is to educate, employ and empower. Helping each village to function in a sustainable manner. Our various community development programmes depend on need. Our guests contribute greatly by taking an interest in their culture and buying from their skilled artisans.

We also specifically support a women's weaving group from the Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge, and stock their products for sale to guests in our lodge shop.

Eco Homestays

Our conservation fund currently supports the development of eco homestays on the edges of Way Kambas National Park in Sumatra (in association with Taronga Zoo, Australia) and Kelimutu National Park in Flores; our first opened in 2018 near our Kelimutu Ecolodge and is used for persons wanting a cheaper room but will use lodge facilities.

Extending our solar power systems

We are continuously working to improve the sustainability of our Ecolodges - you can read about our Eco Endeavours here.

Partnerships with Local Farmers

We work in the development of partnerships between local farmers and lodges to not only produce organic food but also for continued employment and food production opportunities for local communities around each lodge - a special example of this approach is at Kelimutu Ecolodge where the programme has been embraced wholeheartedly.

Clearing Illegal Rubbish

On the campus of Udayana University in Bali, there is a large illegal rubbish dump. We are working with local municipalities to clear the rubbish and regenerate the area.

Community Development

As well as our long-term conservation strategy of building strong local communities around sustainable jobs based on ecotourism, our most important community development activity has been the development of the game of cricket among the poorer communities of Indonesia commencing with Bali.

Through our own National Cricket Club (the first in Indonesia) we have assisted the national sports body over 25 years spread the game to over half the provinces of Indonesia thereby creating hundreds of jobs and lifting many out of poverty. Our Chairman received the Life Services Award from the ICC in 2009.

How can you help?

Are you inspired by our conservation endeavours? We need your help! There are many ways to help our cause...

Share our work in your community or through social media. We are social on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Visit our ecolodges and take our tours! Once you see our precious the wildlife and environment for yourself you will be a fan for life. This is a very special place that stays with you long after you have left. Your visit contributes greatly and we welcome you to experience just how special it really is.

Make a donation. We gratefully accept donations towards our conservation efforts. Our conservation fund has no administration costs which means that 100% of your donation will be used in this important work. You may choose a specific project or contribute to the general fund that supports many projects in the region.

Subscribe for updates and news. We are launching a regular newsletter for our passionate community, to subscribe for updates please do so here.

Contribute your skills. If you have a specific skill that you think will help us achieve our conservation goals please get in contact. Whether you can contribute to empowering our local communities, to our board or to our fundraising efforts please connect with us through our contact page.