2020....We are proud to announce the legal formation of a Charitable Foundation, signed in Bali

14 th May, 2020.......

At the heart of Ecolodges Indonesia lies Conservation - where guests enjoy the environment, at the same time supporting our almost 100% local staff, their families and culture. The very presence of guests and staff helps to protect the environment from poachers and encroachment. Our unwavering commitment to conservation is always the deciding factor in our growth. Our ethos is to inspire and educate local communities, creating passionate conservationists at every Lodge. This bottom up philosophy empowers communities to champion critical Conservation causes.

Since 2006, a Conservation Fund has been in place, from donations of $10.US per booking fee., with no administration charges. Between 2006 and 2019 over $50,000 US.  has been used in various projects

Ecolodges Indonesia Conservation
Tree Planting Conservation Team


Help to local group ALERT for a look- out.
Support to farmers growing food
for elephants.
Support for re-afforestation
Support for fire-fighting
Assistance in establishing homestays

Ecolodges Indonesia Conservation

Tree Planting


Removal of an illegal rubbish dump on

Udayana University land,

Followed by tree planting.


Planting of a tree nursery with Friends Of The National Parks .
Tree planting with guests
Planting of over 15,000 tree seedlings in Tanjung Puting National Park,
with a local community group ...................
Fire prevention training. This was a big project in 2018, sending 3 men to Australia to be trained in fire prevention by the Beechmont Rural Fire Brigade, and Byron Bay National Park fire team.
In late 2018 Australian trainers were sent from there to Tanjung Puting to do further training. This has resulted in 3 Rapid Response teams, one based at Rimba and the adjoining village of Harapan.
Some equipment was donated, but proper equipment is desperately needed.

Karang Taruna Sekonyer


Two story books in Indonesian, showing the animals living in the forests of Kalimantan and Sumatra were written and illustrated by Meryl Wilson. 500 copies of each were printed to distribute to schools around the Park areas.

This alows donation by Bank Transfer or Pay Pal.
It also allows us to apply for suitable grants.
This fund is now vital, as with the onset of COVID19 , all funds from bookings stopped.

All our staff are conservationists, so during the COVID19 period we are using the fund to loan money to income earning projects to keep staff partially employed.

This will be through :
--Short term crops and rice,
--Fish farming
--Goat fattening and breeding.     Loans will be repaid from profit.
--Tree crops,-- papaya, coffee, avocados , pepper cocoa.
--Re-afforestation ,both with the local Harapan Village group NGO...............
and with the Tanjung Puting Herbarium and Orangutan Foundation International.
--Goat farming.
--Bird guide training, on site and possibly on -line.

Details of our projects at each lodge are shown in a out social media


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TWITTER (@ecolodges_ID)

How can you help?

Donate through Pay Pal or Bank Transfer. (click Donate button below)

The survival of our staff as employees of Ecolodges Indonesia (ELI) depends on the success of our programs raising funds to pay their salaries. ELI is a conservation company, the only one of its type in Indonesia and wishes to continue the vital task of saving Indonesia’s parks.