Indonesia Group Tour Packages

Our speciality group tour packages offer exclusive travel opportunities with expert guides!

From time to time we offer specialised group tours on fixed dates. These group tour packages offer unique opportunities that may often be unavailable to the general public.

Each tour is hosted by a guide whose expertise adds a whole new dimension to your travel experience! Options include birding, photography, sketching, wildlife and conservation.

If you can't see what you like here today, please contact us to express an interest and be notified for future speciality tours in your area of interest.

Indonesia Art tour holiday

New for 2020! Experience a unique two centre art tour holiday in Indonesia, with full lodge accommodation and the chance to sketch some of the world’s most critically endangered species.

The Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge, newly built and nestled in the verdant hills of Flores, will be our base for discovering and sketching local bird species. From here, we will embark on a day’s adventure to discover and record the inimitable Komodo dragon populating the nearby Rinca Island

The second part of this once-in-a-lifetime tour takes us to Rimba Orangutan Ecoldogein central Borneo. Here we will be based close to the National Park, offering the world’s best environment in which to view Orangutans in the wild.


Immerse yourself in the majesty and mysticism of Sumatra’s last remaining tropical rainforest

Learn about Sumatra’s amazing wildlife from a Taronga guide who will accompany you on the trip

Come face to face with the endangered Sumatran Rhino.

Get involved with the local Elephant Conservation Centre


We have birds at all our lodges, but our best bird lodges are Satwa Sumatra in the west and Mbeliling Mountain in the east. Your itinerary can be adjusted according to your specific wishes to include more lodges. This tour includes our two main bird lodges.