Indonesia Group Tour Packages

Our speciality group tour packages offer exclusive travel opportunities with expert guides!

From time to time we offer specialised group tours on fixed dates. These group tour packages offer unique opportunities that may often be unavailable to the general public.

Each tour is hosted by a guide whose expertise adds a whole new dimension to your travel experience! Options include birding, photography, sketching, wildlife and conservation.

If you can't see what you like here today, please contact us to express an interest and be notified for future speciality tours in your area of interest.

Wildlife Sketching Tour

We are thrilled to present the ultimate wildlife sketching tour - deep in the heart of Central Borneo, Indonesia. Over nine uniquely special days, this tour gives you a chance to stay in a rainforest paradise and spend time capturing the beauty and majesty of endangered Orangutans in the wild.

This is a fantastic opportunity to hone your craft or expand your experiences guided by an expert artist and instructor – Leonie Norton. The group is intimate and suitable for all skill levels for those interested in painting and sketching – even beginners!