Rimba Orangutan Ecolodge

Located in one of the few remaining places on earth
where Orangutans can be seen in the wild.

Located in one of the few remaining places on earth where Orangutans can be seen in the wild.  Perched over the Sekonyer River on  the edge of the Tanjung Puting National Park, in Central Kalimantan, Rimba Orangutan Ecolodge provides a unique base to explore the lush surrounding rainforest and encounter orangutans and eight other primate species and rich bird life.

Rimba can only be reached by boat from the port of Kumai. Arriving at the Lodge jetty in the middle of the forest is an unforgettable experience. The jetty connects to all rooms, the reception area, office and restaurant by a series of covered boardwalks. The Lodge provides a base from which you can explore the surrounding rainforest and Tanjung Puting National Park. Take a walk from your room along the bird walk, hear the plaintive cry of Gibbons, early morning birdsong and the resident Macaque monkey troop from your comfortable room, set right on the edge of the gently flowing Sekonyer river.

From the Lodge you travel by klotok (wooden boats) upstream, surrounded by rainforest, to a number of feeding stations in the Tanjung Puting National Park, the most famous of which is Camp Leakey, established in 1971 by Professor Birute Galdikas, a student of Professor Louis Leakey (together with Jane Goodall and Diane Fossey). As you walk through the rainforest you often see orangutans and at Camp Leakey you sometimes see gibbons as well as many butterflies and birds. At the feeding stations you will get a wonderful opportunity to see these amazing primates up close. You might also take a night safari to see tarsiers, glowing mushrooms, fireflies and perhaps owls.

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Rimba Lodge Rooms

Rimba Orangutan eco Lodge is perched on the edge of the Sekonyer River, surrounded by forest. Access is only by boat (klotok) two hours from the Port of Kumai. The timber Lodge is built in a series of adjoining elevated pavilions.

Five pavilions contain 3 rooms and have their own covered verandah and boardwalk to the river’s edge. There are 20 more rooms  in one large pavilion at one side off the lodge. All 35 rooms have air conditioning, fans and hot water. The front rooms are currently of two types Diamond (3) and Emerald (12). The 20 other rooms are Amethyst. Cheaper options in rooms are available on request eg no air conditioning. Walkways also join the restaurant, reception and lounge and office.

The Lodge is just a few minutes by boat from the orangutan feeding station at Tandjung Harapan and is mid way upstream to Camp Leakey. A resident troop of macaques are often seen around the Lodge and Proboscis monkeys are also often visible across the river.

This is a Lodge that feels truly remote.

We provide clean, comfortable accommodation extremely suitable to the environment in which it is located;

  • 35 rooms – (3 Diamond, 12 Emerald, 20 Amethyst)
  • Satellite Internet
  • Mosquito nets and repellent
  • All rooms have AC and Hot Water
  • Excellent meals in the restaurant
  • Drinks in the Lounge (no alcohol permitted by local government)
  • All transport organized (extra cost)
  • Tours and local guides for all activities including bird watching
  • Double or twin beds
  • Western shower and toilets
  • Fans in all rooms
  • Packed picnic lunches
  • Friendly staff to serve you
  • A percentage of our profit goes to Conservation projects eg planting new trees in the park to replace those burnt in the devastating fires of 2015
  • All clients of our travel company Eco Safari Indonesia pay US$ 10 each into the company Conservation fund

Eco Friendly / Eco Certification

At Ecolodges Indonesia each of our lodges is dedicated to educating and empowering local communities in long term conservation and sustainable development.

On May 1st 2015, the comprehensive solar energy plant was opened at the Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge, one of our five eco lodges. This was a joint activity with SEC Batteries and Solar Power Indonesia. Below are photos of the solar cell covered all the restaurant roof.



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