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BIRD GUIDE TRAINING Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge – Flores

BIRD GUIDE TRAINING Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge – Flores, 14 -19 September 2020 -Scroll kebawah untuk terjemahan dalam Bahasa-  The view from the Mbeliling Ecolodge – miles of forests, the plain, the sea, the islands…   The Flores night was pitch black as the group of three tried to move silently through the forest, following the strange coughing call of the Moluccan Scops owl, but hoping for the rare Flores Scops owl. At last they caught […]

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Unique Faunas in Indonesia Wildlife Holidays

orangutan Indonesia Wildife Tour

Wildlife holidays in Borneo, cultural visit in Borobudur Jogjakarta or birdwatching in Raja Ampat are just some examples of adventure activities that can you do in Indonesia. Indonesia’s tourism is well-known for several good reasons, such as culture, heritage, and beautiful nature. Indonesia inhabited by a large number of animals, including some unique endemics species. Arrange an Indonesia wildlife holiday tour to see the wildlife creatures during your visit to Indonesia. Endemic Species You Can […]

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