Best Indonesia National Park for Wildlife Adventures

Fortunately located BETWEEN ASIA AND AUSTRALIA, THE WORLD’S LARGEST ARCHIPELAGO Indonesia national park HAS amazingly diverse animal wonders SUITABLE FOR adventure tours. Exotic birds to the giant lizard, Indonesia is one of the world’s best destinations to see wildlife creatures. Enjoying your holiday in wildlife conservations in Indonesia can be a lifetime experience that will pamper you with adventure and experiences.

These top places to see endangered animals in Indonesia can be your destination of Indonesian adventure tours holiday. Visiting the conservation area also means contributing to the continuity of OUR conservation program through your contribution. Besides, you can explore the beautiful scenery of the tropical nature and see the exotically beautiful animals in THEIR original habitat.

Tanjung Puting National Park

Feed ORANGUTAN in its home, enjoy your night under starry skies and fireflies around and smell the tropical scents of Borneo’s forest in Tanjung Puting National Park, the biggest ORANGUTAN conservation in the world.

With the riverboat – or klotok, you can wander around and observe the forests and the inhabitants. Macaque, gibbons, proboscis monkey and orang-utans will accompany during your journey across the forest’s river. Other activities such as birding and hiking can be chosen with remote-forest experiences. Pamper yourself with a comfortable stay in Rimba Orangutan Ecolodge that naturally blends with the natural surroundings.

klotok in tanjung puting national park
Experience the beauty of the national park and see Orangutan from the Klotok

Kelimutu National Park

Moving from the deep jungle to the transcendental calm in Kelimutu National Park in Mount Kelimutu, well known for its crater lakes that have three different colors as one of the most amazing natural magic. The crater lake itself is only a bit of the Kelimutu National Park. Furthermore, the area is protected worldwide due to its specialties in biodiversity, natural scenery, and heritage. The forest around the mountain is the habitat of endemic bird species that can you explore. The National Park is famous as the best place for birding tour in Indonesia.

The changing of the colors in the crater lakes is because of the changes in the mineral contents of the water, but it brings up myths and mystical stories among the locals. In Kelimutu, you can visit the village of Lio people and experience the making of Ikat, the traditional weavings that made with natural dye. Stay at our Kelimutu Crater Lake Ecolodge for the best experience of the national park.

Way Kambas National Park

In the southern Sumatra, elephants are roaming around their conservation in Way Kambas National Park. Located in Lampung, this national park destination in Indonesia established in 1985 as the first elephant school in Indonesia. Way Kambas becoming home for more than two hundred elephants.

The national park consists of rain forest and swamp area. Over 400 species present in the Way Kambas National Park including Sumatran tigers, rhinoceroses and birds. It’s also known for The Butterfly Bridge, with its more than 50 species of butterflies flying around. Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary and Elephant Conservation Center can be visited during your holiday in Way Kambas.

After exploring the conservation area, you can enjoy your stay in Satwa Sumatra Ecolodge, cottages with spacious bedrooms with clean and comfortable facilities. Locals run the lodges which make it one of the best options for accommodation to experience the authentic culture of Sumatra. Your long and tiring exploration journey can be finalized by enjoying the sunset from the cottage.


Wilf Elephants in Way Kambas

Mbeliling Forest Reserve

Mbeliling mountain is not categorized under a national park, however, the area is a sanctuary for various unique bird species. These bird species are unique of the are which you can only see in Flores island.  Located in West Flores, Mount Mbeliling is the highest mountain in the region. The mountain has over 15,000 hectares of forest reserve which protect numerous plants and bird species. Its large variety of flora and fauna make it a perfect trekking destination, especially during the dry season.

We recently build one of our Ecolodges in the area, Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge which is located only 1 hour from Labuan Bajo.  The lodge is nestled on the edge of a forest and conservation area. Thus, it offers excellent access to a huge area for trekking and birding. Once you finish enjoying the fresh air in the Mbeliling area, you can easily head to Labuan Bajo to see the endemic Komodo dragons.

Mbeliling Mountain Range View
The view around Mbeliling Ecolodge

Finally, whichever national park you decide to visit, staying at our Ecolodge will help the effort of conserving the area. We committed to using US$10 contribution to the company Conservation Fund for every booking.  For more details of our conservation effort around the Indonesian national park, you can check form this link.

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